PhotographyAnne-Marie Littenberg

An Organized View

I love to photograph the man-altered landscape, showing how we organize a view and its access with roads, fences, and plantings.


Before European settlers, this spot in Shelburne, Vermont, USA would have been dense forest, rich in virgin timber. But by 1800, forest clearing was widespread.


I am interested in scenes that show the land at work.

Horizontal silos (basically giant rolls of plastic wrap) store hay, replacing vertical silos that were popular from the late part of the 19th through a good part of the 20th centuries.


I like things I don’t understand.


I like the pragmatic juxtaposed with the glorious.


I like new technology in a classic view.


There is disturbing beauty.

The dairy barn burned and its roof became a tangle of melted ribbon.

Grand nature frames grand man-made.

The North Tower of the Farm Barn, Shelburne Farms, Vermont, with Camelshump Mountain in the distance.


Some things end in devastation.


Everything ends.

First used in 1793, this half acre cemetery has 75+ gravesites. Originally called the Pierson farm, today it is part of Shelburne Farms, Vermont.

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